Good pet for a kid | Good pet for a 7year old
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Good pet for a kid | Good pet for a 7year old

Good pet for a kid | Good pet for a 7year old Good pet for a kid | Good pet for a 7year old Good pet for a kid | Good pet for a 7year old Good pet for a kid | Good pet for a 7year old Good pet for a kid | Good pet for a 7year old

What is a good first pet for a 7-year-old in India?

Some amazing pets for your kid to take are fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, cats, and dogs. A few animals have different things to carefully think about their needs. Pets are great to show your 7-year-old kid about responsibility and friendship. Each pet has its way of thought and needs, so there are choices and decisions.

Cats are very pleasing pets for your kid. They are warm and faithful animals with lots of varieties and different qualities. These are the best types of cats for your 7-year-old kid. Cats are low-maintenance pets and they don't need any supervision.

They entertain themselves. Changing of litter box regularly, giving them sufficient food and water will keep them fit and fine. Kitty on your lap will make you feel good and they are also very entertaining and funny to watch them in their strange position.

The 7-year-old kid would love to have a puppy dog. Puppies are very friendly and can give an amazing feeling of love to your kids. Dogs are excellent associates and can show your kids about responsibility and they get chances to learn things. Focusing on the needed things, a pet can truly get something good to your children and how they should treat others. There are some well-known dog varieties for your children.

Dogs have become famous because of their love, dedication and full of life and energetic personalities. Which are ideal for positive and high energy, for your cute and innocent children.

Owning a fish or fishes are a great learning experience. Fish are a great pet for your child are not hard to deal with and are also very easy to keep. Though it's delicate species you have to take care of them. For them, you need a good tank, channels, stones, and plant leaves. Focusing on fish needs. Having an aquarium provides a great learning experience for your 7-year old kid.

Tank cleaning depends upon a couple of elements and the type of fish you have. The tank should be cleaned at a regular interval. Fishkeeping can be very relaxing, watch your fish swimming without any care for the world. By watching your aquatic pets your mind gets calm especially when you are having a stressful time. Lots of offices like to keep aquariums on their desk, just for relieving stress.

Fish are great pets as they don't need much attention. Set up your aquarium correctly (having a fully cycled tank) you have to worry about feeding, occasionally water changing, and cleanliness. Fishes have many great-looking varieties, using an aquarium in the right setup, with live plants, lighting, and decorations. These things will make your aquarium attractive. Difficulties come when you get fish into the tank.

You can't just add fish to any water. For example, you have to worry about removing chlorine (if you are using tap water) These build up the bacteria to break down fish or fish. Make sure that the temperature is at a safe range.

Guinea Pigs:
The charming guinea pig is a group of animals that likes communicating with its owner. Mostly guinea pigs request food by wheeking (the sounds guinea pigs make when they feel hungry). Guinea pigs gained a reputation for being a "starter pets. Guinea pigs live longer healthy and their life range is between 5 and 8 years. Dietary guinea pig needs plain "hay " (normal grass).

They love to eat fruits and vegetables that's why they remain healthy. Guinea pigs can be amazing friends for small children. They form a relationship with the family members which is an amazing and interesting fascination in the house. Everybody gets cheerful by having a guinea pig as their pet. It is pleasant to sit with a guinea pig, but they pee or poop constantly. So be prepared for cleaning. Preparing needs for short-haired varieties.

Brushing and nail supervision. Long-haired varieties need regular brushing. Guinea pigs keep them creating teeth trim by biting foods or toys. Guinea pigs are small creatures that can move around without any help. They need a space to run and play. However, they can be carried around very easily because of their size. They are tiny so their cage can fit easily into the edge of a room in the house. They don't require much space.

Hamsters go from one to three years can expect to live, five groups are available the large Syrian and the four smaller hamster's group (Roborovski, Winter White, Campbell's, and Chinese). with the Syrian living longest. The Syrian should all the time be kept in its natural things, since adult Syrians commonly and regularly fight, once in a while until the end. Taking care of Hamsters is easy to take care of as compared to other pets.

You have to take care of their toys, food, and health which are fairly manageable. However, hamsters can be a little bit nippy. A few hamsters are hard to deal with a bigger variety like the Syrian hamster, to fit change and to make better to take care of.

Having a pet hamster is how clean they are. They usually only use one corner of a cage as a latrine. The rest of the cage is going to be pretty clean which means that you do not have to worry much about cleaning up. Keep a small pan with a handle for picking up floor dirt and cloth conveniently nearby to clean the corner regularly. You have to clean the whole place very less often.

A hamster should be kept in a cage-like room, with tunnels and areas for sleeping, hamster's owner can clean the cage without any problem. A hamster will usually live for around three years, so think about how much your children will need to cooperate with it. If you lose interest in caring for the hamster, these years may appear to belong. It's generally enjoyable to watch them play in their living space or a play area.

One bad thing about hamsters is their rest plan, which is something meaningful for your child. Hamsters are curious and occupied around evening time and rest during the day.

Hamsters are self-custodians that rarely need an owner to do anything aside from providing (a house or a room) with furniture and fittings with the typically small amount of accessories or hamsters food sold by pet stores. As hamsters have constantly developing teeth that are held undercover by them biting proper food or toys.

It is now clarified that every pet has its advantages and disadvantages. So Pet parents should choose a pet as per kid interest and house environment and other parameters which we have discussed in the above paragraphs.

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Published On: 4-June-2021
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