Boxers Make Great Family Dogs


Though many people think of boxers as fierce guard dogs that shouldn’t be allowed around children, most boxers are actually very lovable animals who make truly wonderful family pets. These dogs tend to be fiercely loyal to the families that own them, but at the same time are usually gentle and fun-loving dogs which relish any affection that the family gives them. Like any pet, however, the boxer might not be right for every family; it’s important that potential owners take the time to match their lifestyle with what the dog they’re considering buying will need in order to be healthy and happy.


Boxers love to play around, and will often get very excited at the prospect of receiving petting or other affection. Despite their reputation they aren’t an overly aggressive breed, and tend to love playing with children and adults who appreciate their energy level. Boxers do need to get a lot of exercise in order to stay happy, but it’s important that you don’t try to exercise your boxer in extreme temperatures as they generally don’t tolerate temperatures much higher than average room temperature very well.


The boxer is also a very intelligent dog, and as such can be easily trained to learn a variety of tricks. This training goes a long way toward making a boxer a wonderful family pet, as you can use it to help curb some of the breed’s excessive enthusiasm to keep it from frightening or knocking down children when the dog simply wants to play. This intelligence is also linked to the fact that boxers are usually a very affectionate breed as well, something that should be taken into consideration when training the dog as to what behaviors are appropriate if left unchecked, a boxer would be happy to be a lap dog even when it’s reached its full size and weight.


When choosing a boxer as a family dog, it’s important that you keep in mind that dogs of this breed will be more than happy to return as much if not more love and affection than you give it. These dogs are very loyal and loving, and it’s important that you don’t choose a boxer expecting it to be an independent and imposing dog. While most boxers will be protective of their family around strangers, they will also expect for members of their family to shower affection on them and to be able to find someone willing to play when they’re in the mood for a game. So long as you and your family understand the importance that boxers put on affection and are willing to provide the dog with all of the love that it needs, then you should be able to find a boxer that will be loyal and who will give you nothing but unconditional love.

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