The Rottweiler and it’s Guarding Instincts


If you are looking for a breed of dog which is confident, intimidating and capable of seeing off any potential unwanted visitors, then the Rottweiler may be just the dog for you.


Well known for its potential aggressiveness, the Rottweiler will readily defend its land and its family. It is one of the few breeds which is capable of being a fantastic guarding dog, but just where do these guarding instincts come from?


Why the Rottweiler Makes an Excellent Guard Dog


The Rottweiler dates back to the Roman times and it has always been used as a guarding breed. However, in its early days the breed was better known for protecting cattle instead of land or people. As time has gone on, the breed has been bred specifically to guard and protect property and that has led to a larger, more muscular dog.


Today you really do have to be careful where you purchase a Rottweiler from. There are many responsible breeders out there who produce happy, healthy puppies. However there are also breeders who are purely in it for the money. These breeders tend to breed the worst dogs together despite their temperament and their health. That is what leads to potentially dangerous dogs and unless you do want a Rottweiler for guarding purposes, you should stay well clear of such breeders.


Generally the Rottweiler has a natural guarding instinct. Just like cats love to hunt, Rottweilers are alert and forever watchful over their families. They are silent guarders; which is another advantage if you do want to use them to protect yourself or your property. They will not bark excessively unless they do feel threatened, though the females do tend to bark more than the males.


If you do want to use the breed to guard then really you do not have to do much in the way of training. However saying that, you should always train a Rottweiler no matter what you plan to use the breed for. Even if you want the dog to be a ferocious guard dog, you will still need it to be friendly and obedient to you. Just because you feed the dog it does not mean that it will respect you, especially if you have purchased a puppy from an unreliable breeder. So always train them and ensure that they at least listen to you so that they do not pose a threat to you or your family.


Overall if you want a breed that has a natural ability to look after your home and family, then the Rottweiler is the breed for you. With adequate training you will be left with an obedient, watchful dog who will protect you and your home from any unwanted visitors. If you do not want the breed to guard you or your home then firm training from an early age is the best answer.


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