A Place Called Home


Do you believe that to look into a dog’s eyes means to look into an eternity of unconditional love? We think so too. Dogs are amazing creatures who (just like us) need enough space to call their own. They need to run around and feel the wind in their fur to feel alive. They rejoice in the green grass and a game of fetch in an elaborate garden makes their day. Is there such a place in reality? That’s where the lush, plush and lovely vacation home for dogs, Harley and Me comes into the picture.

A bright orange sign that reads “Harley and Me” greets us onto a lush grass strewn garden overlooking a huge cottage style bungalow. As we enter their warm abode, we are greeted passionately by an enormous group of adorable dogs. With bright and spacious kennels around every corner and more than a dozen cute canine companions to keep us company, Harley and Me felt like the happiest place on earth.

At the heart of this heart-warming initiative stand Arunodaya Reddy and K. Senthil Ram, the two men responsible for earnestly running this heaven on earth for Dogs from all walks of life. Founded by Arun and named after his adored dog Harley, Harley and Me was initially a boarding facility for dogs until Senthil came on board.

Together they brewed and executed ideas for wonderfully unique facilities like a blissful vet verified swimming pool where your doggie can splash around all day and master his paddling fun, a pet grooming arena where our experts give your poochie-poos a breath-taking makeover, a plush pet café where food for dogs and humans are served hot, fresh and mouth-wateringly good, a bed and breakfast where any dog lover can ring in a celebration in the elite suite hosted by our cutest doggie pals, a pick up and drop facility that makes your dog feel like a celebrity and saves you a whole lot of time.

Being the sincere dog lovers that they are Arun and Senthil envisioned and brought to life a spacious vacation home where dogs could run about and simply feel free. Apart from providing utmost comfort and care, their momentous goal was to earn the trust of pet owners who could leave their much-adored canine companions in a worry-free environment that guaranteed to retain their peace of mind.

Arun and Senthil open doors to their heart and also to Harley and Me especially for Dogs in need of special care, rehabilitation or any kind of extra attention. They recently found love in Happy, the happiest, cutest and the most adorable three-legged dog who they adopted from the Second Chance Adoption Centre in Bangalore. It is safe to say that Happy is now happier; wearing a contagious smile as he sways around Harley and Me spreading joy to everyone, everyday.

Arun, Senthil, Harley, Happy, and their large and ever-growing family of dependable canine pals are overwhelmed with joy to be celebrating the second anniversary of Harley and Me today/tomorrow. This exhilarating occasion marks two whole years of caring for an endless number of god-sent, four legged angels. The springs on their steps are bigger this year and their hearts brim over joyously. With relentless excitement, they ring in the two exceedingly beautiful years that have gone by making way for a third and bigger anniversary next year.

Together, they put faith in the belief that every dog deserves a home and this majestic duo behind Harley and Me are right here to provide it. It doesn’t matter if you know or own a dog in need of a temporary home or a permanent one; the doors of Harley and Me are open to loving canine companions from all walks of life.

Head on over to this lovely place with your doggie pal and let him feel the wind in his fur with his fellow canine friends. Don’t have a dog? That’s ok too, come celebrate these beautiful four-legged wonders with them. Just remember, at Harley and Me, every dog wears a smile and they wear it proud.

Writer : Trijai Nethri